Introducing Sweden's First AI Legal Advisory Service


By David Nordström

2 Jun 2023



Introducing Sweden's first AI legal advisory service, using cutting-edge technology to bring affordable legal services.


Today marks the release of Legally Speaking AI, an AI legal advisor launching in Sweden. The beta-version will only include a chat-bot that can answer your detailed queries, but as a team has been assembled we will switch focus to building a full-suite of solutions for commercial use. Currently, the product is most suitable for consumers as the legal data is mostly gathered from online forums. However, as I get help in building this product, I can take on more ambitious data goals. Luckily, Swedish legal documents are public and cheap to acquire, thus, we can easily scale from this point.

The full product launch will include detailed contract analysis and drafting. I am happy to collaborate with existing legal advisors to gain insights into how to best meet the client demand. Currently, this product has been developed solely by me and has not used any external funding, capital partners are however very welcome.

How it works

Legal services require trust, thus, I feel it necessary to reveal some of the inner-workings of the current product.

  • Ingest huge amounts of legal data into a vector database.
  • Query that database based on user input.
  • Use the output of that query as context, with citations.
  • Have a large language model interpret that context to answer the question.

We are at the beginning of a rapid evolution in the practice of law. Legal advisors will be super-charged by AI technology and we seek to ride that wave and scale throughout the non-english speaking world.

We sincerely hope that this launch will benefit consumers as well as inspire people to join our pursuit. Still in beta, there are many improvements that can be made. Please reach out if you have any inquiries.

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