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By David Nordström

2 Jun 2023



In this blog post I try to outline the reasons you should join our team, what our recruitment goals are and what type of roles I envision we require.


Through some work I managed to build a functioning product by myself. However, I am both deficient in the Software Development and legal skills needed to scale this project. I have a goal, to revolutionize the way that law is practiced, starting with Sweden. But to reach this goal I will need talented people to join me. There is a large opportunity to be captured, not just for the consumer market but supercharging existing legal adivsors with AI technology.

To launch a compelling product there I need help. I will be working on this project out of passion, mostly on evenings and weekends, you are free to join with whatever skillset and ambitions you have and steer the project into a direction you see fit. I will strive for exellence and I know that to build a good product the people will be crucial. You can join to work very little or a lot, but I will compensate you fairly for the output you generate and will bring in talented people on the cap-table.

Profiles in particularly high demand

While there I welcome all talented people with open arms, I first-and-foremost require technical expertise. Both form a legal perspective, but also from a software of ML perspective. Below I have listed some potential roles.

  • Machine Learning enthusiasts who will help us train and scale.
  • Legal professionals who can help design the product.
  • Software engineers who can build out the website and app to suit our customers.
  • Entrepreneurs who can build the vision and find the right product-market fit.

To make the vision come true we will need a whole team of people who are jointly passionate about the project. Promising talent will be rewarded in equity.

Feel free to contact us for any inquiries, we will make sure to answer and look for a suitable position at the company.

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